Ready for your dream?

Meet my brand new custom wild ėden course that'll empower you to design your own joyful space through the eyes of colour

Are you dreaming of your living outdoor room or stunning secret garden space? Or just dreaming of more wild beauty to make your life more joyful everyday? You've come to the right place. I am here to help empower young show you how easy it is to create your very own dream space. In the first of my Design Series 'Colour and the Garden' I will guide you through the steps of creating your very own dream space through the eyes of colour.

what is w|ė - wild eden?

it's about the power of the wild. and us.

Developed by award winning garden designer Leonie Cornelius the wild ėden brand is all about slowing down, appreciating nature and creating more joy. The idea is that you can create spaces for yourself which connect you to wild by simple designs of extraordinary beauty. Right now we have never needed spaces of connection and realness more and founder of wė Leonie believes that by surrounding ourselves with wild, nature filled beauty we are bringing more joy and more connectedness into our lives every day.

Meet the Colour and the Garden course

designed for you by award winning garden designer Leonie Cornelius

Why learn with Leonie?

Award winning garden designer and interior architect Leonie has worked on hundreds of garden designs over the years and her show gardens and installations in Ireland and the UK have won many Bloom medals including Gold and Best in show medium category as well as a gold RHS medal for installation at Chelsea in Bloom. She has also created many interior projects, all of which included a strong link between the inside and outside. Over the years she has developed and hosted many sell out design courses which for the first time now are available online. She writes regularly for many national papers and magazines and has written a best selling book called 'Dream Gardens' . Leonie believes that bringing more wild beauty into your life -inside and out- will enhance your everyday lifestyle immeasurably. These courses are about exactly this. Making your every day life more joyful.
garden designer Leonie Cornelius in a poytunnell pocking some Californian poppies

Design your dream garden

Leonie's approach to an exciting new way of achieving your garden dreams

  • Inspiration

    I love nothing better than dreaming. Getting inspired and finding your style and the things that give you joy every day is one of the reasons I do what I do. I developed these courses to give you control over what you design. I've always thought that there's a designer in each and every one of us and we just need the guidance to help us find it. Let's find your inner design dreamer

  • Your power tools

    Taking a garden design and ideas from Pinterest to a real plan is not easy. There are many steps in between and if you have not studied design or garden design then these can feel and seem impossible to navigate. The idea behind my courses is that I think with a little help and the right design tools you can totally take on your own design- I mean- who knows you and your happiness better than you?

  • A solid plan

    I am a bit of a planner. I love making lists and outlining steps for taking ideas to reality. My courses are all based on real experience as a garden designer who's worked on hundreds of design projects over the years and my guides are rich in practical advice so that whether you're choosing colours, materials or designing your whole space- you have a tangible plan to work from going forwards.

Start your wild ėden dreams today

There's a designer in everyone

Why this is for you

Well, I am a firm believer that everyone can design something that makes them happy. Especially with gardens I think you know more than you think.....your favourite colours, those plants you adore...the materials you're most drawn to..... 

It's often just the skills and guidance which you don't have to hand.

Well, here's a solution for you.  These courses help you be your own designer with me as your guide. I have designed hundreds of gardens throughout the years and love how every design job and every client is unique. 

I want to help you with exactly what you need, give you the tools to design it and help you create a real plan for achieving it. 

I created my wild ėden dream garden courses created as an inspiring, fun and creative way of tackling your dream garden design. Step by step. In an easy and achievable way. 

Your dream garden- your choice

Whether you need help finding your garden style and creating a concept,  or you're interested in creating your garden layout plan or tackling a specific area such as choosing colours or materials, there's a course option for you in my mini course series. 

Even if you're after a full garden design with all the bells and whistles, my Master course gives you exactly what you need- exactly when you need it. 

All courses are designed by me to make the process easy and fun and give you a wealth of knowledge and easy tips. 

Lifetime access

No pressure'll have lifetime access to the courses so you can live your life and dream design whenever and however you like. 


When you join the wild eden community you get access to my exclusive private Facebook group where you have access to  extra video and live content as well as personal feedback sessions with designer Leonie Cornelius. 

Ready to start your dream garden journey?

Have a look at my brand new course! I'm so excited to help you get started on our journey. Let's get designing.